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India’s e-waste production has risen almost 2.5 times to 3.23 million metric tonnes in six years to 2019, according to the Global E-Waste Monitor Report 2020. India is also the only country in South-Asia to have a specific legal framework for handling e-waste since 2011.


We believe that more than just a legal or compliance requirement it’s essential that we manage E-Waste in a socially responsible manner. Due to the complexity of E-waste it can potentially harm us & our planet. With E-Waste Management Rules & its subsequent amendments in India, it has been mandated for any producer of electrical & electronic equipment, for channelisation of E-waste to ensure environmental sound management of such wastes.

We can help producers in meeting the legal requirement by providing them End-to-End E-waste Management Solutions with digital traceability & 100% compliance.

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