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3 Pillars of Sustainability:
People, Planet & Profit

Today businesses are more focused towards maintaining a balance between the triple bottom line, what we call as three pillars of sustainability (3Ps) – People, Planet & Profit. Investors are very keen to know the ESG value proposition businesses are bringing onto their table. Recently the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) mandated an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) overview for top 1000 listed companies by market capitalization. Such steps from the regulatory bodies shows how important it is to know-how different ESG risks for a business and what action should businesses take for a long term sustainable & profitable growth.

What We Offer

At Envofix, we are aligned with our long term objective to help businesses in identifying their ESG related risks & guiding them how to mitigate those risks. Following are our offerings:

  1. Materiality Assessment
  2. Stakeholder Mapping & consultation
  3. ESG Reporting & Performance Assessment
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